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Visual Water: Security Statement
Security Statement

Visual Water uses industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to ensure the safety of your transaction. Should anyone intercept your credit card information on its way to us, he would be unable to read it. You are also backed by a $10,000 guarantee from Comodo (see bottom right corner). If you do not see the security graphic, please make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser. As you can see, Visual Water takes security very seriously, and we spare no expense to make sure that you have the safest possible shopping experience with us.

How Do I Know I'm Safe?
When you connect to a secure server during checkout, the beginning of the address in your browser's address bar will change from http: to https:. The S stands for "secure." Also, depending on which browser you're using, a closed lock or unbroken key may appear in the lower left or lower right corner of your browser window or in the address bar at the top. Unless you see these signs of security, you should never enter credit card information on this site or any other.

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